Jim Wyckoff on the Markets

Dear Valued Subscriber:

Welcome aboard! I look forward to serving you in your quest to become a more successful trader. It is an honorable goal and one in which I take great pride.

As a new subscriber to Jim Wyckoff on the Markets, let me familiarize you with some matters.

My approach to you: I have been called a "straight-shooter" and "honest." My background and professional experience taught me the value of both. That may mean I will tell you something you donít want to hear. Ultimately, my goal is to teach as best I know how, and to help you become a more learned and successful trader. I have been involved in the futures industry for over 25 years, and have produced my newsletter for over five years.

My approach to trading: I am a very conservative trader and do not make a lot of trades in a given period of time. Some of my customers follow exactly my trading ideas. Some like to trade more actively than I do. Either way, you can profit from my analysis.

I work hard at my profession, yet I do not claim to be able to "predict" exactly what markets will do. Fact is, nobody can consistently predict accurately what markets will do. (Remember the caveat Ė Past performance does not necessarily indicate future results!) The best that any trading professional can do is provide you with well-founded probabilities -- based on factual market price history, trading experience, sound technical and fundamental analysis, and market psychology. I provide my customers with exclusive, valuable early clues on trend changes and developing bigger price moves. Iím also very good at determining pivotal support and resistance levels.

I report on and analyze all major U.S. futures markets. Many trading veterans like to use me as a "second opinion" or second set of eyes in the markets. Most of my customers have "day jobs" and simply donít have time to follow all the markets. Thatís why Iím here. I scan and analyze all the major U.S. markets all day long.

My first responsibility: Part of my service to you is providing a "personal touch" which includes answering your questions. Many of my subscribers are hungry for knowledge. So, you can email me -- or occasionally telephone me -- with questions and I'll be happy to answer them. There are no "dumb" questions, so donít be embarrassed about asking anything. And if I donít know the answer, I will tell you so and attempt to find out.

My second responsibility: There are several products and services youíll receive regularly. All will come directly to your email box. No passwords or login are required.

(Important: All of my email reports to you will come from "Jim Wyckoff" (jim@jimwyckoff.com). You may have to set your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) email filters to accept my emails to you. It's a very easy process. Email or call me if you need help.)

1. Daily Markets Update: Monday through Thursday you will receive my comprehensive Daily Markets Update via email.

In my Daily Markets Updates, I do these main things:

    • I analyze all major futures markets traded in the United States, including providing near-term technical support and resistance levels.
    • I rate the markets using an exclusive and simple yet effective Wyckoff's Market Rating system.

2. Top Market Ideas: Every Thursday or Friday you will receive my weekly Top Market Ideas report via email. It will detail my top three trading ideas for the upcoming week. The email will provide analytical charts, including specific entry points and stop-placement levels.

These trading ideas are "hypothetical." That means that while I have used my best judgment in determining these trading opportunities, I may not actually trade each and every opportunity. I will let you know via my Daily Markets Update what markets I am actually trading. Active traders like Top Trading Opportunities for the prospective moves. Beginning or less active traders like it to study the charts -- seeing specific entry points and stop-placement levels; thereby gaining valuable trading knowledge.

3. Biweekly Newsletter: Every other week you will receive my newsletter via email. It arrives in your email box via a "link" that you click on, and then the newsletter pops up. No login names or passwords are needed. The biweekly newsletter contains several analytical charts and a unique educational feature.

Important Note: For monthly and quarterly subscribers, you will be automatically re-billed until you email or call me to notify me that you want the service to stop. For yearly customers, I will contact you regarding renewal of service.

I hope this introduction to my service helps you better understand what I'm all about and what you will be receiving from me. Again, please email me if you have any questions. I want to provide you with excellent customer service.


Jim Wyckoff

P.S. If you havenít purchased my e-books yet, please consider it. They provides a great foundation for trading Ė and it can save you hundreds of dollars in bad trades.






















Disclaimer: There is a risk of financial loss in futures and options trading. Futures trading is neither easy nor an easy way to make money. It takes hard work to have success. Please use sound money management when trading futures. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Nothing in this newsletter is intended to be a trading recommendation for you to buy or sell futures or options. All information has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but accuracy is not guaranteed. Readers are solely responsible for how they use the information in this newsletter.