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Following are some real testimonials from customers and others who appreciate his work. His service is good — don't take Jim's word for it, take theirs!

"I very much enjoy your service. I work in the commodity price risk management and structured commodity finance area for Rabobank, which is a Dutch cooperative bank focused globally on food and agriculture. We look at coffee, cocoa, sugar, all the grains and cotton, FCOJ. We are encouraged to trade small positions in any futures market we choose. We receive a lot of information here on many markets and I can tell you that your report is in my opinion the best value of all. As you can imagine, for us having to try and keep in touch with so many markets, your service is invaluable."  --Steve J.

"I want to thank you for all your helpful articles. Keep giving good advice and I will attempt to be a good student." —Steve W.

"I like hearing your charting thoughts. Before I trade, I tend to look at the last charts you have put out. I am actually starting to make a little money now using your service. I know when to listen to you, and then also know when to listen to my gut." —Bert C.

"Jim, I do like your work ethic, but more importantly your attitude toward your family."
Clayton G.

"Enjoying your articles on learning to trade." —Don G.

"Glad to see someone taking an interest in seeing other folks succeed at trading! Thanks for all your help!" —Robert M.

"Thank you very much for the time and trouble you take to inform others on the basics and sound practices of trading the markets." —Floyd N.

"You are not only a top-flight analyst, but a man of his word." —Frank K.

"This is just a note of thanks for your continued help in teaching me some of the practical applications of technical analysis. I am not sure, but if you keep this up, you may end up becoming the most widely read and best known person in the business." —Eric L.

"You are a good man, Jim. I bet you have a great following. Thanks for doing your work with such gusto and pride." —Joe K.

"Thanks for all the useful information you're putting out. It's got to be taking a lot of time, and your efforts are greatly appreciated." —Mike R.

"Surfing the 'net, I came across your column and comments and found them refreshingly direct." —George K.

"Thank you for your time and teachings! Looking forward to learning from you." —Jennifer L.

"I always scan for your columns first because they are the most direct and helpful of any I have seen." —Dave C.

"Your information is easy to understand, and just enough info. that I don't get overwhelmed. I was looking for a mentor and I'm so glad it's you." —Marguerite R.

"You do a nice job." —Jim G.

"I have now become a great fan of yours. Keep up the tremendous work you do." —Neil E.

"I wish I'd had your information and advice when I first started trading! It's terrific. Please accept my congrats on an excellent site." —Bill W.

"I continue to be impressed with your professionalism and your fantastic attitude." —Roger B.